Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Let me first thank you for taking interest in what I have to say. As of this moment I do not know what the focus of this blog will be - or even if I will update it regularly. I know that I loved to write when I was a student and I hope that this blog will afford me the opportunity to continue to take pride in synthesizing ideas in such a way that my recapitulation is more than just a regurgitation of information that I have absorbed. More than anything, I want to contribute something unique to the online community and the world at large - even if that is simply my own personal experiences and opinions.

Even if my blog takes shape into something far more structured than anything that I could hope for at this moment, I intend to sprinkle it with updates about events in my life. From a particularly good or bad run to an interesting encounter I had with someone on the bus, or maybe even just a picture I took of which I am particularly proud, this blog will be in part a reflection of my life.

Scary thought, but I hope you'll bear with me.