Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lions and Tigers and...


I was reading an article on the city of San Francisco's response to the tiger attacks that occurred on Christmas day last year and came across this interesting excerpt:

"Animals whose escape would be rated a "Code 1" danger include lions, cougars, tigers and chimpanzees, Mollinedo told Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier in answer to a question."

The article explains that a "Code 1" danger would call upon use of a new siren system as well as the planning and coordination of emergency responses by police, firefighters and zoo staff.

I'm just curious as to why chimpanzees are considered in the same category as lions, cougars and tigers.

Is flying feces really that dangerous?

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Daniel said...

Hey Reed, Yes. Chimps are dangerous. They eat off people's faces. I read it somewhere. Why didn't any really poisonous snakes or fishes make the list though?