Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SF City Politics

This is a fairly interesting article about the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

It comments on the salaries for the Supervisors (a mere $37,858 before legislation in 2002 bumped it to it's current $90,000) as well as the frequency with which they meet.

It struck me that one of the recently disgraced and now former Supervisor Jew's advisors made a particularly poor choice of words when she - describing the emptiness of City Hall during the holiday season - stated, "You can shoot a gun down the hall, and you wouldn't hit anyone."

Her connection to Ed Jew aside - that is a really awkward way to emphasize her point.

She may as well have said, "It was so empty that Supervisor Jew was able to shake down tapioca-drink vendors for tens of thousands of dollars right outside his office."


"City Hall was as empty as Supervisor Jew's alleged residence in the 4th District."

Either one works.

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